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        I am excited about Aaron's new book, a true masterpiece which will allow everybody to access sleep and relaxed states easily.

Barbara C Clegg (Belger), NLP Master, Integrative Coach


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         Without Aaron’s help in this time I can safely say that it is unlikely I would have achieved what I have, with the level of enjoyment I now have.


Ian Trousdell  |  Director

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Sleep Problems

Not sleeping properly, can't get to sleep or back to sleep? Wake up and not feeling like you've had a decent sleep? Hard to get going in the morning? 
Have your energy and drive gone? Need to regain your MOJO? 

What about a drug-free sleep solution and personally tailored sleep strategies that work?

Want a guaranteed 3 session sleep solution that is simple and you can implement with confidence after your first visit? 

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Change + Transition Coaching

Challenged by change? Redundancy, divorce, death in the family, career change...? Even a major health crisis can cause us to question our lives and the way we live.

What about using strategies designed specifically to help with the emotions and experiences relating to change and transition? Not therapy, this is a profound set of tools to help you get on your feet again. Coaching is solution-oriented and is tailored to your requirements, and can be tested as you go to make sure that it's working for you.

Contact me today for your free half hour consultation by phone or skype.  


Feeling overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety? Not sure how to cope with the paralysing feelings and how anxiety closes you down? Are you missing opportunities to live life to the full?

Most people don’t understand anxiety is about imagining a future event that might be uncomfortable or even life threatening.

Work with me and you will learn effective solution-based techniques to deal with the overwhelming feelings created by anxiety and should expect to notice a change in how you feel during your first visit.

Contact me today for your free half hour consultation by phone or skype 



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